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Miranda J. Aldhouse Green
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Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Miranda J. Aldhouse Green
Professor Miranda Aldhouse-Green. third from the left

Miranda read archaeology at Cardiff University for her BA degree. She undertook a postgraduate Masters study for an M.Litt. on the Religions of Civilian Roman Britain at Oxford University, and was awarded a doctoral scholarship at the Open University, where she completed a PhD thesis entitled The Wheel as a Cult-Symbol in the Romano-Celtic World.

Miranda has been fortunate enough to have been invited to lecture all over the world, at universities in many European countries and in venues as far apart as Toronto and Sydney, and at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. She is a regular contributor to summer schools at the University of Complutense, Madrid and is a member of the Committee for the Study of Celtiberian Iconography. In 2004, she was invited to deliver the prestigious annual Kroon Lecture at the University of Amsterdam.

Until recently professor of archaeology at Newport University, Miranda's teaching experience ranges from leading undergraduate courses on Roman Britain and Iron Age Europe to managing and contributing to Newport's MA in Celto-Roman Studies. She has supervised more than twenty PhD and MPhil students to successful completion.

The work undertaken for her Masters and Doctoral degrees has formed the bedrock upon which Miranda has built her subsequent research, which focuses on the ritual and symbolic aspects of later British and European prehistory and the western Roman provinces. She has published extensively on 'the Celts' and, more recently, she has pursued research in the social anthropological perspectives on ancient religion and ritual. Her most recent books include Exploring the World of the Druids (1997), Pilgrims in Stone (a study of the stone iconography from the Gallo-Roman healing sanctuary at Fontes Sequanae in Burgundy) (1999), Dying for the Gods. Human Sacrifice in Iron Age and Roman Europe (2001), An Archaeology of Images. Iconology and Cosmology in Iron Age and Roman Europe (2004), and (with Stephen Aldhouse-Green) The Quest for the Shaman. Shape-Shifters, Sorcerers and Spirit-Healers of Ancient Europe (2006). Her newest book, Boudica Britannia (October 2006), represents a departure from Miranda's usual 'religious arena' of research, being a study of early Roman Britain, with the focus upon the iconicity of Boudica herself.

media contributions include: Time Team, Meet the Ancestors and Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time.

Recent publications include:
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Miranda J. Aldhouse Green
Professor Green on the left

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