The Druids In Celtic Society

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Miranda J. Aldhouse Green
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( I ) Finding The Druids
How Do We Know About The Druids ?
The Druids In Celtic Society
The Geography Of The Celtic World


During his stay in Gaul,
Julius Caesar wrote a
commentary on the
Gaulish campaigns.
His account provides
us with many interesting
references to the Druids,
including their high standing
within Celtic society.

Julius Caesar was appointed by the
Roman senate as governor of southern Gaul in
59 BC. He immediately began a series of
campaigns to conquer the Gallic heartlands, and
finally completed his task in 50 BC. Although his
commentary on the Gallic Wars was primarily
an account of the military campaigns them -
selves, he was interested in Gaulish culture as
well and, in Book VI, he recorded detailed
observations on the customs and religious practiceshe encountered. Caesar's account of the Druids is the fullest and most informative we have :

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